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Subtitling Services

We provide cost-effective, high-quality subtitling services in more than 80 languages using the latest technology available on the market with fast turnaround times. Whether you have a single language project of ten minutes or hundreds of hours into a dozen languages, LinQ Media Group is your subtitling partner.

We customize a workflow to suit every client’s individual needs and use high-quality translators. We value paying our translators a fair wage and later ensure that we can still be very cost-effective through our smart processes.

Closed Captions & SDH

Creating inclusion is one of our most important goals. LinQ’s experienced team of subtitlers has the unparalleled talent to make your content accessible to everyone, regardless of hard-of-hearing or sight impairment. We will ensure your message and content gets across to the target audience and are seamlessly translated into the language you require.

Subtitling Resources

We have extensive subtitling resources covering the globe. Together with our former local colleagues based
worldwide, there is not a single language we don’t cover. If you don’t believe us, try us!