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LinQ Media Group Announces the Launch of their Customized Media Localization Services to Content Owners Worldwide

Stockholm, Friday 26 March, LinQ Media Group announces the launch of their high-quality localisation services to content owners worldwide in a continuously expanding media landscape. Founded by leading industry expert Björn Lifvergren and former BTI Studios colleagues, Henrik Wikrén and Lennart Löf, LinQ Media Group is well equipped to continue the development of tailored localisation services catered to the growing needs of local, regional and global content owners. 

“We want to be the natural choice for customers who are looking for a superior customer services experience in combination with a flawless product in an efficient digital environment. Always delivering on everything we promise is our way of showing that we truly care for our clients. That has always been my motto and it will continue to be so going forward”, states Björn Lifvergren, Co-founder and Executive Chairman.

Henrik Wikrén, Co-founder and Member of the Board continues, “We are already well situated with preferred localisation partnerships and we will continue to expand the services we offer with owned and operated studios and strategic M&A activities where we see fit”.

Recent years have shown an appetite for consolidation in the localization industry leaving a vacuum for small to midsized customer-oriented service providers “LinQ will be all about establishing close relationships with our clients and servicing them in territory”, concludes Lennart Löf, Co-founder and Managing Director.

About LinQ Media Group:

LinQ Media Group is a new media localization company on a mission to offer the best customer experience while providing the most flawless product. We continually ensure that our client’s stories are told in multiple different languages and formats, and we do so with the utmost care. Work with us and you’ll speak, hear, and connect with real people who provide your business with customized solutions to fit your needs.

From the left: Henrik Wikren, Björn Lifvergren, Lennart Löf