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This is our amazing team of LinQers. We 100% believe that the success and reputation of a company are directly reflected by the people who stand behind it and bring the vision to life. That is the principle we follow when putting together our team.

We hire people we know are more than their talents and skills, they are people who are constantly willing to learn, respectful, humble, team players, and just fun to work with overall. We love people who are unique because their ideas are the ones that contribute to the success of our company.


Matilda Klang

ClienT Manager & Planner

Matilda previously worked as a subtitler for 3 years and has extensive knowledge in various fields in media and television. She is a language nerd who loves to read and write and someone who genuinely believes that everything is possible with a positive attitude.


Sophia Klippvik

Marketing Manager

“Always stick to being yourself, but leave room for growth, empathy, and self-education on matters that you don’t understand”.

– Sophia

Sophia has worked in Marketing for over 8 years in New York and Stockholm and has extensive experience in marketing, branding, and PR with startups and global companies. She is an optimist, values kindness, and always leaves room for humor.


Björn Lifvergren


“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

– W. Edwards Deming.

Björn: I’ve been trying to live after this quote ever since I first read it back in 2013

Björn Lifvergren was the founder of BTI Studios and served as its CEO for more than two decades. When leaving BTI in 2018 he had transformed the company from a Nordic subtitling company into a global localization company pulling in revenues exceeding €100 million and operating studios and offices in over 25 countries.

Today he is advising young entrepreneurs and companies wishing to make a global journey alongside developing LinQ Media Group with his team.


Cecilia Ekeram

IN-House swedish Subtitler

Before joining LinQ Media Group, she was a fiction translator for HarperCollins, a subtitler for Iyuno, a language reviewer, and a language supervisor for the translation students at TÖI, Stockholm University.


Eje Strind

Head Of Technology

“One day or day one. You decide!”

– Paulo Coelho

He has worked in the subtitling industry and with language versioning throughout his entire professional career.
His extensive experience with post-production and subtitling technologies makes him a great addition to LinQ Media Group.


Lennart Löf

Chief Executive Officer

“Keep your friends close but your clients closer”.

– A slightly altered version of The Godfather quote

Lennart has been in the localization industry for ages. In 1995, when BTI Studios was founded, his tasks and roles have varied – from Proof-Reader to Key Account Manager, to Production Manager to eventually Managing Director for Nordic Subtitling with a turnover of 100 million sek.

In April 2020, Lennart left Iyuno Media Group (previously BTI Studios). During the summer and autumn of last year, when the decision emerged to re-enter the industry and start LinQ Media Group with Björn and Henrik, Lennart happily jumped on board as a co-founder.


Henrik Wikren

Executive Board Member

In economics, the minority is always right“.

– Henrik

Henrik has a background in finance & management and has worked for both multinational and growth-oriented companies for over 20 years. He has been an investor and business partner to early-stage companies since 2019 and is one of the co-founders of LinQ Media Group.


Agneta Bernheim


Agneta has worked within the accounting and finance branch for more than 20 years and carries with her extensive experience. She believes in always being positive and used to be a talented hairdresser before she got into accounting.


Micaela Attåsen

In-House Swedish subtitler

She is our in-house subtitler after completing her internship at LinQ Academy. ​

She helps us with both 1st and 2nd Swedusg translations. She has grown and learned so much since she started and is now one of our best in-house subtitlers!


Sofia Wittzell

In-House Swedish subtitler

She is one of our in-house subtitlers. Before joining LinQ Media Group, she studied Translation Studies and subtitling at TÖI, Stockholm University, and completed a bachelor’s degree in June 2022. She has previously worked for the Swedish Police and freelanced as a fashion translator. She loves to read, is very passionate about fighting climate change and always turns on subtitles during series and movies.


Cecilia Ekeram

In-House Swedish subtitler

Before she joined LinQ Media Group, she was a fiction translator for HarperCollins, a subtitle for Iyuno-SDI, language reviewer, and language supervisor at TÖI Stockholms University



Oddbjørn Lie

chief editor, Norway

Oddbjørn previously worked for BTI Studios, providing live subtitling and subtitling for Norwegian broadcaster TV 2. He has extensive experience in client management and has built a strong, lasting foundation with many clients in the broadcasting and streaming service industry.



Malene Blaaberg

chief editor, denmark

She has worked as a freelance subtitler and proofreader on a full-time basis for ten years and has an in-depth knowledge of the entire subtitling process. In her previous role as Content Operations Lead, she was on the language team which is part of the content team in the programming department of Discovery Networks Northern Europe.



Aura Benigni

Country Manager, Finland

Aura has extensive experience planning and monitoring the translation process and all the subtitling projects from scratch to delivery, managing the translation department and the translation team, recruiting new translators, and monitoring the workflow to ensure the best quality and price of translations.


Vesa Kujala

In-House subtitler, Finnish

Vesa has been working as a translator/subtitler for 7 years, mostly as a freelancer for the Finnish TV channel AlfaTV and Iyuno-SDI Group, translating from English to Finnish. He is also a talented musician and singing teacher.


Laura Raiko

In-House subtitler, Finnish

Laura graduated in 2019 with a Master’s degree in English language and literature. After graduation, she worked as a teacher for a few years, and more recently, as a freelance translator and subtitler for platforms such as Netflix and HBO Max. She has primarily translated from English to Finnish, but can also translate from Swedish to Finnish.


Timo Suuronen

In-House subtitler, Finnish

Timo has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Culture, Language, and Translation from the University of Tampere and a Master’s degree in Translation Technology from the University of Helsinki. He graduated in August 2022.

He also managed to get into the DelinguaLAB academy program, organized by the Finnish LSP Delingua.


United Kingdom

Camilla Jeremy

Country Manager, UK

Camilla has 7 years of extensive experience in the localization industry, having previously worked at BTI Studios as a Project Planner. She is a lover of Christmas and her Schnoodle Snickers.


Anne-Mette Bang

Client Manager

She started working for Broadcast Text/BTI Studios from 2000 to 2019 – as a subtitler, before becoming a client manager and then office manager. She has also been a freelancer since 2020, translating The Brain Fable into English.


Martina Mambriani

Client Manager

Martina entered the localization industry when she joined BTI Studios back in 2012 straight out of uni. She has worked on different accounts as a Client Manager and Account Director, and more recently she has freelanced as an audiovisual localization specialist.


Silje Amanda Sæbø

In-House Subtitler, Norwegian

She has been a professional subtitler for 3 years. Prior to joining our team, she worked for BTI Studios and Iyuno-SDI as a Norwegian in-house subtitler and also has experience subtitling Swedish, Danish, and English. She is originally from Karmøy, Norway but lives in London.