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This is how we make your content universal

We provide high-quality localization services while offering you the benefits of boutique-style service.

We want to be the natural choice for customers who are looking for a superior customer service experience in combination with a flawless product in an efficient digital environment. Our goals are to make your content universal and help audiences all over the world enjoy it with ease and comprehend all of the nuances no matter their language of origin or impediment.​


We provide cost-effective, high-quality subtitling in more than 80 languages using the latest technology available on the market with fast turnaround times. Whether you have a single language project of ten minutes or hundreds of hours into a dozen languages, LinQ Media Group is your subtitling partner.


It’s our priority to work with the best! We have a highly experienced team and have visited over 250 studios across the globe. We have carefully selected, tested, and worked with these studios for many years. When you work with us, you deal with one point of contact and we deliver the content to your server.


In today’s information society, no one should be excluded. Our experienced team offers the best service and knowledge to make your content accessible to everyone, especially those who are hard-of-hearing or sight-impaired. We will ensure your message and content gets across to the target audience.

Corporate Videos

Covid-19 has forever changed our travel patterns. Large organisations have found new ways of communicating and spreading their gospel in multiple languages. We are the experts who can advise you on what localization service will serve your content the best and make it most accessible to your current and new viewers.