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Our Core Values

A company is nothing without its


Core values form the foundation on which a company is built. To us, doing business with our core values in mind is what drives us to reach our goals while fostering a culture that emphasizes good and positive ethos.

At LinQ Media Group we want our core values to shape our business, keep our team members accountable, and help give our prospective employees and clients an idea of who we are as a company.

Small & Nimble

Bigger isn’t always better

To us, size does not matter. When we grow, we don’t focus on being the biggest in the world, we focus on reaching our full potential, surpassing our own limits, growing our customer’s and audience’s experiences, and meeting demands in a smarter way. Progress powered by vision and personalization rather than expansion.


Keep it moving

Innovating and finding new ways to do things better is how the world moves forward, and we are here for it! We want to cultivate fresh ideas and explore different technologies to discover new opportunities, streamline processes, and boost your content worldwide.


Take a look around

As immersed as we are in our entertainment and localization worlds, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take notice of the movements and happenings going on outside our workplace. To us, it’s crucial to observe what’s happening in the world around us in order to see how we can contribute to the matter or take it into consideration when it comes to our work and practices. This is a shared world.

Simply Caring

People are amazing. Period.

People really are, so why shouldn’t they be celebrated? We value our employees for the work and time they dedicate every day. We respect their diversity and unique ideas. We simply care about their overall well-being and if they are reaching their full potential. We appreciate people and who they are in general. Doesn’t matter if you are our client or intern. You are valued. Period!