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Here is the latest news and press releases on us in the media & entertainment industry.

P.S – We only post the more recent news and blogs on this page, so if you feel like you missed some of our previous news, press releases, and blogs, you can go to our archive page by clicking the button below!

Press Release

Discovery Networks Appoints LinQ Media Group As Vendor

Wednesday, October 27,Discovery Networks has appointed LinQ Media Group as one of their media localization vendors in the Nordic languages as well as Dutch. LinQ Media Group, headquartered in Stockholm and founded by, among others, former BTI Studios CEO Björn Lifvergren, MD Nordics Lennart Löf and former CFO Henrik Wikren in early 2021.

Press Release

LinQ Media Group Expands Team Across Nordics

Friday, October 22,LinQ Media Group, the newly established Media Localisation Company headed by Björn Lifvergren and other fellow members from the former leading localization company, BTI Studios’ senior management team, have expanded their team in Sweden and Norway.  

In the News

LinQ Media Group: Localisation With Heart

Thursday, June 3,What happens when a trio of localization industry veterans band together and go out on their own? You get Stockholm, Sweden-based LinQ Media Group, a new venture launched in March of this year, with the goal of making localization services more customized.

Our Blogs

We love the creativity and magic of the localization industry, so we decided to share our love and knowledge through fun blogs and also use them as a chance to share more about us in general!

Blog # 1

Here We Go again

Wednesday, May 5, Yes, here we go again. But not in a tedious “not this again” way, but in an “about to watch the next Avengers movie” way…

Blog #2

Why Authenticity and Diversity Go Together in Localization 

Thursday, May 27, In honor of AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Heritage Month (May), BLM, and diversity appreciation in general, we will be talking about the importance of authenticity and diversity…