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‘Not Done With Media Localization’ — Former BTI Execs Raise EUR 1m for Startup LinQ

Monday, April 19,Introducing LinQ Media Group, a new venture in media localization led by old hands at subtitling and dubbing. LinQ is the media localization startup founded by former BTI Studio Execs Björn Lifvergren, Lennart Löf, and Henrik Wikren.

LinQ Media Group Signs Major Deal with Ooona

Monday 12 April, LinQ Media Group, the newly established Media Localization Company headed by Björn Lifvergren and other fellow members from the former leading localization company, BTI Studios’ senior management team, have entered into a multi-year deal with Ooona.


LinQ Media Group Announces the Launch of their Customised Media Localization Services to Content Owners Worldwide

Friday 26 March, LinQ Media Group announces the launch of their high-quality localization services to content owners worldwide in a continuously expanding media landscape.