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LinQ Media Group Expands Team Across Nordics

Monday, October 22, 2021 –  LinQ Media Group, the newly established Media Localisation Company headed by Björn Lifvergren and other fellow members from the former leading localisation company, BTI Studios’ senior management team, have expanded their team in Sweden and Norway.  

LinQ Media Group has appointed Matilda Klang as Client Manager & Planner in Stockholm and Oddbjørn Lie as Chief Editor in Norway. Matilda Klang previously worked as a subtitler for 3 years and has extensive knowledge in various fields in media and television. She will be responsible for organising and growing our subtitling and dubbing resources and ensuring that all our projects are managed effectively. Her prior experience as a subtitler will be very beneficial as this allows her to build stronger and more honest relationships with our freelance subtitlers.

”I love the localization industry, and I am so excited to join LinQ Media Group in this new role. Even as a freelancer, I immediately got the impression that this is a company with great people and great values. Proving that you can have both quantity and great quality “ says Matilda.

Oddbjørn Lie, our newly appointed Chief Editor in Norway, previously worked for BTI Studios, providing live subtitling and subtitling for Norwegian broadcaster TV 2. He has extensive experience in client management and has built a strong, lasting foundation with many clients in the broadcasting and streaming service industry.

“I look forward to being a part of LinQ Media Group’s journey, getting to know the clients better, and being more directly involved, “says Oddbjørn.

“We are growing fast, and we need to strengthen our organisation. I have previously worked with Matilda and Oddbjørn so I know first-hand that they will be a strong asset to our team and the work we do. I am very happy to have them onboard” says Lennart Löf, CEO.

About LinQ Media Group 

LinQ Media Group is a new media localisation company on a mission to offer the best customer experience while providing the most flawless product. We continually ensure that our client’s stories are told in multiple different languages and formats, and we do so with the utmost care.  

Work with us and you’ll speak, hear, and connect with real people who provide your business with customised solutions to fit your needs.