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Here we go again

Welcome to LinQ Media Group’s first blog!

Yes, here we go again. But not in a tedious “not this again” way, but in an “about to watch the next Avengers movie” way.  

Our goal

All of us at LinQ Media Group wanted a fresh start and on our own terms. Our goal was to brand ourselves in a way that isn’t cookie-cutter. We want to implement ideas we know are going to benefit our clients and employees. We are not about money-hungry stakeholders who want to keep filling their stacks. 

The creative process

Starting fresh also means building from the ground up again. But we’re here for the whole wear a black turtleneck and get our hands dirty action. After we signed the lease for our office, all of us stood in the middle of a big empty room. It had a loft-like kitchen and a spiral staircase going down to the cellar. It was finally ours. Björn, our Executive Chairman brought in an extra conference table from his home and placed it in the “lounge corner” of the office to use as our workspace. Together with the garbage bag of coffee cups from our neighborhood cafe, it painted an inspirational picture. But that’s one of the fun parts of starting from scratch with an intimate team of familiar faces.  

Sophia, our Marketing Manager, and Lennart, our CEO spent 2 weeks visiting different furniture stores and showrooms, which they loved! They also made sure to order kitchen essentials like coffee machines (yes, very important) to fill our humble funky space. One of the furniture stores we visited was IKEA (what a shocker, right?).  

Lennart and Sophia used to work together at their previous company. This made building IKEA furniture by “attaching a bracket-y thing to the side things using a bunch of little worm guys” (FRIENDS Season 1, Episode 1) more fun than frustrating. We listened to music, tossed around business ideas, and shared funny personal stories. In the end, we compiled an impressive pile of cardboard and gained some forearm muscle from all the twisting. 

We also brought in someone to repaint the walls. We decided to paint 2 accent walls in our signature brand colors – we chose dark teal for the long wall that spans our entire office, and peach coral for the wall in our kitchen area. Does this color combination have a little 80’s vibe? Yes, but isn’t everything cool coming back now?  

We aren’t finished yet!

It has been a lot of work (and we’re still not done!). But we find it so satisfying to stand up, look around, and see the progress we’ve made in our business. We’re only at the beginning, but we have ambitious plans. We’re thrilled to build a company that both our clients and employees will love.