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Subtitling is a beautiful and complex blend of language, expression, linguistics, and culture. A blend we are very familiar with. We want to be your first choice when it comes to developing and improving your subtitling skills.

Immerse yourself in our think tank, or in this case our LinQ tank ;)

About Our Academy

Established 2022

The establishment of LinQ Academy was inspired by our drive to train, educate, and develop students to become our own subtitling and translation resources. LinQ Academy will not only help educate and develop the skills of new resources, but also existing ones. If a freelance resource cannot deliver a project due to a certain lack of experience or expertise, we want to help build them up and develop them rather than turn them away.

We can see that the demand for more high-quality localization services is growing, and with that comes more complex guidelines, faster turnarounds, larger volumes, etc.

This industry, like every other one, is about growth and development. The market is always changing, the skills needed are always advancing, and the availability of resources is becoming a growing challenge, so we want to be a support system and part of the solution.

Meet The Professors

LinQ Academy is currently being led and managed by our Chief Editor, Kristofer Fredriksson, and our Planner/Client Manager, Matilda Klang.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is infused with various combinations of language lessons, software training, linguistic schooling, common mistakes made in subtitling and how to fix them, timecoding, and other aspects related to 2nd translation.

Our Yearbook

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