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This is our

Green Impact Involvement

As immersed as we are in our entertainment and localization worlds, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware of the environmental changes happening today and take part in improving our planet.

We want to be as involved as we can and integrate and maintain sustainable and socially responsible practices, as we value being a player in the journey to make the world a safer, better, more fair place for all.

Recycling @ LinQ

We strongly believe in the importance of recycling and the act of reusing what we can in order to reduce waste and decrease the amount of plastic and non-biodegradable products that are ending up in our rivers, oceans, forests, etc.

In order to do our part, we always separate and recycle our plastic and paper/cardboard and empty them in their appropriate containers.

Here in Sweden we also have a process called “Panta”. There are similar processes in other countries. “Panta” is the deposit of bottles and cans, mostly in the supermarket’s magic pant machines. More generally, “panta” means to hand something in and get money in return. Those bottles and cans are reused to make new bottles and cans. And we use the money we get in return to purchase basic-needs items we can donate.

Green Transportation

All of us are strong supporters of being green, especially when it comes to how we transport ourselves to and from our destinations.

Lennart (CEO) and Kristofer (Chief Editor) bike daily to and from work (except when it rains, then they take the train). Sophia (Marketing Manager), Eje (Head of Technology), and Märta (SVP of Sales) take the train and subway, while Björn (Executive Chairman) who lives about 1 hour from the city with limited train accessibility, tries to limit driving into the office to twice a week and utilizes video conferencing instead.

Composting? YES!

Who doesn’t love a good composting idea?

Composting is something that we are also trying to take more advantage of.

Our Chief Editor, Kristofer, has a garden lot and will take the leftover coffee grounds from our office (and trust us…there’s quite a lot since we Swedes LOVE our coffee) and use it as mulch to improve soil nutrition and texture.