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Accessibility Services

Importance of accessibility. No one should feel excluded in today’s society. Our experienced team offers the best service to make your content accessible to everyone. Especially those who are hard of hearing. We will ensure your message and content get across to the target audience.

When we embrace inclusivity and provide high-quality access services, we open doors for everyone.

Closed Captions or SDH

Closed captions fall under accessibility services. They are a form of textual representation of the audio content in a video. They are requested to assist individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions include a transcript of spoken words synced with timecodes and displayed on the screen.

Closed captions can also include additional information such as speaker identification, sound effects, and music descriptions, which can enhance the viewing experience for all viewers.

Creating inclusion is one of our most important goals. LinQ’s experienced team of subtitlers has the unparalleled talent to make your content accessible to everyone, regardless of hard of hearing or sight impairment. We will ensure that we effectively communicate your message and content to your target audience, and translate them seamlessly into the language you require..

Accessibility is important in the entertainment industry as is allows content to be accessible to all