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About Us

Why Us?

About LinQ Media Group – offering post-production services and localizing through subtitling and dubbing is more than just a goal to make your content universal. It’s to help audiences all over the world enjoy your content with ease and comprehend all of the nuances no matter their language of origin or impediment.

By localizing your content, we allow it to reach a wider audience and stimulate demand from viewers all over the world. We are here to help boost your content creations so they may be universal and welcoming to all. We’ll also ensure to integrate and maintain sustainable and socially responsible practices. We value being a player in the journey to make the world a safer, better, more fair place for all.

CFO and Accounting of LinQ Media Group
Pictured: Henrik Wikren (CFO) and Agneta Bernheim Accounting)
Here is our

Origin Story

Here we are. Just a group of experienced localization titans and a not-so-amateur marketing person on a mission to make your content loved by all.

We founded LinQ Media Group after working in large companies and realizing our creative edge was being lost due to excessive focus on growth. It was compromising core values and blurring our vision. This was compromising our core values and blurring our vision. We were thirsty to start something new on our own terms.

But as we subtly flexed earlier, we are not brand new to the industry. All of us who started LinQ Media Group have considerable experience in end-to-end media localization and post-production services. Our founders also share a long history of collaboration, starting together at BTI Studios.

We know the craft down to its core and we have a great foundation with many dubbing studios, talented voice actors, freelancers, and major content providers.

Your content and stories are more than entertainment for people. They’re emotional triggers, an escape, a learning tool, and a bonding experience with loved ones.

Some of us who started LinQ Media Group thought we had hung up the hat for good. But unlike the words of Billy Joel, we couldn’t stop the fire.

With that being said, LinQ Media Group has expanded across the Nordics and the UK since starting in 2021. We now hail from Norway, Finland, Denmark, and London.

We have so many innovative and exciting plans that we are eager to see come to fruition. Plans that will ensure your content is understood and enjoyed all over the world.

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