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Let us use our localization expertise to

Boost Your Content Worldwide

Work with us and you’ll speak, hear, and connect with real people who provide your business with customized localization solutions to fit your needs.

Our Services

Our team’s many years of expertise in the localization and media industry allows us to offer you the best in class post-production services. We’ll help your content to reach a worldwide audience.

Our People

We believe that remarkable people make a remarkable company, and putting people first is one of the smartest things a company can do for growth, fostering creativity, and success.

Our Core Values

Core values form the foundation on which a company is built. To us, doing business with our core values in mind is what drives us to reach our goals while shaping a culture that emphasizes good ethos.

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Press Play on Green Streaming

We recycle, we shop vintage, we practice composting, we bike, and we use public transportation…we do whatever we can to contribute to minimizing our global carbon footprint. But did you know that your green practices can extend even further?

So why LinQ Media?

About Us

At LinQ Media, offering post-production services and localizing through subtitling and dubbing is more than just a goal to make your content universal, it’s to help audiences all over the world enjoy your content with ease and comprehend all of the nuances no matter their language of origin or impediment.

By localizing your content we allow it to reach a wider audience and stimulate demand from new viewers in all corners of the world. We are here to help boost your content creations so they may be universal and welcoming to all. We’ll also ensure to integrate and maintain sustainable and socially responsible practices, as we value being a player in the journey to make the world a safer, better, more fair place for all.

This is

LinQ Academy

Subtitling is a beautiful and complex blend of language, expression, linguistics, and culture. A blend we are very familiar with. We want to be your first choice when it comes to developing and improving your subtitling skills.

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Testimonials Section

Don’t just take our word for it!

“I have worked with Lennart Löf for many years and he always ensured fast and secure deliveries of the highest quality. There has never been a reason to seek a different service provider. I look forward to a continued enjoyable collaboration”. 


Managing Director, Complete Media

“Björn is one of the most extraordinary professionals I have ever met in my career. He impressed me as a humble leader with tremendous knowledge in localisation. An incredibly strategic individual with a long term vision. He is a true professional who genuinely cares for EVERY SINGLE ONE of his team members. He builds his teams with trust, and I look forward to see his new venture come to life.”

Anna Chew

Disney Character Voice International, SEA (2013-2017)

“I had the privilege of working in partnership with Björn over a four year period. Björn did an exceptional job driving international growth through organic initiatives and M&A. He is very driven, genuinely passionate about business and has a unique ability of combining strategic thinking and operational execution. He also has the added benefit of being very fun to work with!”


SVP, Private Equity at Partners Group

Let’s book a meeting at our office or connect over the phone or email so that we help make your content universal and accessible to all!

LinQ Media


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